What We Do: Wear Styles That Define Us

Through the decades, we’ve been defined by our actions, our attitudes, our ancestry, and most frequently as the years progress, by our looks – whether it be our bodies or our height and weight.  While we should never be judged by our God-given bodies, there is a case to be made for style and wear.

Through the last few decades, we’ve gone through eras with the invention of jeans, bell-bottoms, leather jackets, punk-wear…all of which have significantly pointed to certain historical times in our own lives, most notably in our youth.

Today’s day and age allows us to wear whatever we want and indicate to the world around us who we are.

  1. Where We Come From

T-Shirts can be emblazoned with any slogan or saying that we want.  People wear shirts with an American flag on it to show the world they’re American.  People wear shirts with landmarks and landscapes to mark the beauty of where they lived.  Here in the states, people wear clothing of all types, but others are proud to wear traditional dresses and attires that mark their legacy – think of an Indian Sari or the beautiful styled African wear from different regions of the country.


  1. The Sports and Teams We Love

One of my favorite events to watch is the Olympics, whether it’s Winter or Summer because it’s a gathering of nations worldwide.  When you take one look around the crowd, you can see multiple flags waving, but if you take a closer look, you’ll see their clothes match their favorite star or home team – a track suit ornamented with Jamaican colors like Usain Bolt or a jersey of the French soccer team.

jerseys   paint.jpg

  1. The Music We Listen To

It isn’t only concerts where we show our musical fandom, but when we’re comfortable in our own homes or go to a party, we want the world to know the type of music we are into.  From “Grateful Dead” fans to rocking sideburns a la Elvis, we’ve dressed and appeared as our favorite musical acts for years.

deadhead  nirvana

  1. The Way We Perceive Ourselves

I have known people to wear suits around town, even when they’re not going to a formal event.  Why?  Most likely because they want the world to perceive them as being successful.  I’ve known people to wear pajamas on a weekday afternoon because they want the world to know they’re comfortable wherever they go.  We perceive the world certain ways from what they wear…if you’re wearing a “Harley Davidson” leather jacket, we perceive them as a certain type….teenagers wearing “ripped jeans” get a certain reputation, as do fit men with cut-off shirt sleeves.  So how do you want the world to see you?

fashion  download (1)

What else do our clothes tell us about ourselves or others?  How are we defined by our style and is it accurate to who we really are?  Leave a comment and let us know.