What We Do: Host a Movie Marathon!


A few years ago, binging a TV show was not really possible (unless you taped every episode on a VHS tape like I did with reruns of Quantum Leap).  Nowadays, it’s the norm for many households to watch all the episodes of one season in a day or two, especially with many TV shows being released on a popular streaming service, like Netflix or Hulu.  But with the inclusion of the “TV Show Binge”, out went the days of holding a “Movie Marathon”.

There are benefits, though, to watching several movies in a row over a day or two, or over a course of a few weeks.  With the working world, it may not be possible to watch a movie or two a day, but it’s always possible to watch one or two over a weekend.  So how to start?


First, decide whether you want to do it alone or invite friends over.  Personally, I usually enjoy watching them alone or with one or two other people.  Adding a whole group of people is fun for a short “film-a-thon” (2 or 3 movies in a day), but if you’re expecting someone to stay for hours or even commit to several movies over the course of a few weeks, it may not work.  And then people will be lost and confused for any plot lines they missed.  So my suggestion is to stick to 1 to 3 people.

Second, make sure you have working equipment – whether you’re watching them on a DVD player, Blu-ray player or some other device.  Nothing can be more frustrating when you’re watching and all of a sudden, there’s a technical glitch that shuts everything down.  If your TV is old or you’re DVDs are known to skip in your player, you may want to hold the marathon somewhere else or hold off for another day.


Next, what kind of a “Movie Marathon” are you going to hold?  There are several different ways of going about it:

  • By Actor/Actress: An actor with a short filmography, like James Dean, could be completed in one day, but if you’re selecting someone like John Wayne or Tom Hanks or Meryl Streep, it could go longer.
  • By Series: Go small, like a “Young Guns” double feature or a “Back to the Future” Trilogy or big, like watching all 26 James Bond films from “Dr. No” to “Spectre” (and if you include all the spoofs and TV versions, it could go even longer.)
  • By other cast/crew: You could go into other areas, too – like watching “Stephen King” films, or films with James Horner music or all the films that had a certain gaffer in its crew (although now we’re bordering on some strange obsession you may have.)
  • By a Book or list: Some people love to go by recommended lists – “1000 Movies to Watch Before You Die” or the “IMDB Top 250 List”.
  • By Country: And if you’re a fan of foreign films, like myself, you could choose the 100 greatest Japanese films or a similar idea.


Honestly, the choices are endless as you can go by film era (Silent era), genre (Romantic Comedies), award winners (Best Picture Winners), theme (Underdog films), etc.

Also, on a final note, if you’re going to watch a movie based on the actor or director or a series, the best way to do it is probably chronologically.  I know it’s somewhat self-explanatory, but sometimes people may not want to watch that “bad-reviewed” film.  (I mean, honestly, if you’re holding a “Superman” marathon, who really wants to relive “Superman IV”?).  But there’s a lot of perks to watching in order.  One is you get to see an actor’s growth.  Another thing is you get to see how a filmmaker may have learned from past mistakes.  (Maybe….)

There are really no rules.  I mean, it’s your movie marathon!  So enjoy it and make it memorable.  Happy Viewing!

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